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Gilman Street Basketball Club

C.O.R.E Training w/ Tony Staffiere

Dear Parent/Player:
     We hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to another exciting fall preseason in preparation for the upcoming basketball season in November! 
     As always, we pride ourselves on offering quality programming that is relevant to the complete development of our young players. With that said, we firmly believe that this time of year is best to take one or two aspects of development and focus strictly on them in short 5-week segments. 
      We are offering our annual ball handling club starting Sunday August 27th to be offered in 90-minute sessions two days a week for five weeks. This is a chance for your child to spend quality time handling a basketball for over 15 hours! 
      If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter, we ask that you please email Mark Leclerc at the following address: or call 207-592-9268   
***We do remind our clients that space is limited at the Gilman Street Basketball Club thus we only allow 12 players to train per program. There are only 5 spots left so get your registration in ASAP by responding today to!    
CVB Ball Handling Club 
When:    Sunday and Wednesday evenings 7-8:30 p.m. 
Place:     Gilman Street Basketball Club in Waterville, ME 
Dates:    August 27-September 27
Price:     $150.00 per participant (or $25 per individual session attended)  
Ages:     6-12 grade 
                            ***Limit is 12 kids for this program 
CVB Pre-Season Development Program  
When:    Sunday and Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30 p.m. 
Dates:    October 22-November 15 
Price:     $200 (or $30 per individual session attended)  
Ages:     6-12 grade 
                            ***Limit is 16 kids for this program
Mark Leclerc
Gilman Street Basketball Club


C.O.R.E Training


Developed by: Coach Tony Staffiere

By combining the elements of Conditioning, Overload, Repetition, and Elements, Coach Staffiere's C.O.R.E training program has become the area's premiere training circuit for serious basketball players. If you seek to become one of Maine's "elite" players, this training series is a MUST in your basketball preparation.

Conditioning - From the master teacher himself, Coach John Wooden, players can not learn or reduce mistakes until their bodies are in shape. The goal is to condition a player's body and mind to not only withstand a season, but also be able to outlast an opponent in the postseason when every play is magnified.

Overload - This critical principle is imperative to player development as players will often find themselves under pressure and required to make important split-second decisions. The goal is to condition players to rely on their instincts by having them multi-task during ALL drill segments.

Repetition - Elite basketball players have developed a "feel" for the game. This is rarely something they are born with and must be worked tirelessly for hours. Just like a great composer, a masterpiece is never created in just one take. The goal is to train players to enhance their "body memory" as they will utilize the practiced skills in game situations.

Elements - No game situation is ever repeated. Players must learn to handle their basketball environment. This includes fans, officials, personal fouls and changing defenses. The elite players remain consistent despite adversity or what the scoreboard reads at any given time. The goal is to challenge players to remain consistent despite the changing elements throughout the course of a game and even a season.


C.O.R.E training is designed for serious basketball players seeking to become "elite". The series focuses on individual basketball skills and basketball fitness. Coach Staffiere has coached college basketball at all collegiate levels and has trained Maine's best basketball players.


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