Gilman Street Basketball Club
Gilman Street Basketball Club


Gilman Street Basketball Club of Waterville announces its 'Free' (that's right, no team fee) basketball series starting December 7th/8th. These games are for grades 3/4th - 7/8th. 
We know most of you are working around travel league games so we are offering all teams, girls and boys, to play either day or both on any or all weekends, similar to Open Play. That will give you and us flexibility to match you up as best we can with other teams of your level of competition when you are available. Just know the more flexible you are the better chance to be on the schedule. 
We encourage weekly registrations so you have a better idea of your team's availability. Our deadline is Tuesday noon before each weekend so you can expect a schedule on Tuesday nights. You can play as many dates as you wish and we have room for and teams in your bracket. 
It is easy to sign up, just email with your team info.
Rules will be simple and are attached. There will be an admission charge and concessions will be available.
Games will be played between 8:30am and 6:30pm starting Dec. 7/8th through Feb. 15/16th.
Dates and times are subject to change.


Mark Leclerc
Gilman Street Basketball Club
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